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"Hotel California" by Me ft. steve knight.  Let me know what yall thinK!

Started From The Bottom remix. 

Brand new music video.  24/7 x Thai x Cutthroat


Video shoot in KPT.  Click Here for FULL SIZE photo!

New video for the ladies..

Check out my new video “Passion” ft. V8! 

♥ Come Back To Me ♥ - Drew Deezy ft. Fiji

Download “The Poly Tape” for free at

Drink It Down - Drew Deezy ft. A-Dough, Nitty, Pistol, Cam

Download the album “The Poly Tape” for free on

Lyin In My Head - Drew Deezy ft. Josh White

another one of my faves off “The Poly Tape”.. make sure yall go download it at!